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Sons of Anarchy
Although at points the show lost some of it's momentum it no way takes away from how fantastic Sons Of Anarchy is. It creates an atmosphere for itself that very few shows can do. When it gets heavy it can go toe to toe with the best of them (Sopranos, Game Of Thrones etc.)
American Horror Story
Season 3 feels much more like Season 1 as it loses it's greeny tinted scenery and throws us back to a modern era. Papa Legba's character was creepy and exciting to watch. I felt some of the intro could have been used in the show to give a darker tne but all in all still fantastic season
American Horror Story
Season 2 is my favourite AHS season it's greeny tinted atmosphere is rememberable and the villains the best the show has produced. The plot twist at the halfway mark really got me and I still can't believe how I didn't see it coming. IT's dark dingy AHS at it's best
American Horror Story
Season 1 is a fantastic portrayel of the old spooky ghost house we all know and love. Tate is the stand out character here and his performance is so captivating it makes the first season one of the best i've seen!
The Office
Possibly one of the best comedies I have ever seen it's clever, dumb and intresting. It doesn't copy the original instead it becomes it's own thing and in my personal opinion a better spiritual successor
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad is a masterpiece in disguise to people who aren't immeditely drawn to the show. IT is a show which I have witnessed people dislike and still by the end think it was fantastic. If you were put off b the show at any point you should definitely give the whole thing a watch before dismissing it the show evolves and changes so much that one season is not like the rest. Acting is superb and writing is top notch 10/10 material for certain
Game of Thrones
Game Of Thrones is a masterpiece in television although it is not perfect it remains one of the most influential TV series since The Sopranos. The Walking Dead should take a leaf from George R. R. Martin's book (no pun intended) where shows like TWD spend entire episodes on one set of characters, GOT manages to tell multiple storys in a single episode from different characters without leaving you lost as to what is going on. GOT rarely feels like it is filling up time as it has so much to tell y
The Walking Dead
My biggest gripe with The Walking Dead is it's pacing when it's good it's amazing but when it decides to kill time with what could have been shortned down to 1 episode rather than 2 or 3 seperate episodes I start to lose faith in the show. I will continue to watch the show but probably as slowly as the shows pace.
Arrow has been much better than I expected season 2 with Slade Wilson was a glory to behold. Season 3 has been a little below my expectations so far though.
The Flash
Still watching Season 1 but so far i've enjoyed this show. I dislike some of the filler episodes but when it's good it's very good will update score when I have seen all of both seasons
The Last Man on Earth
First episode of season 1 was a masterpiece. The rest was average but a little too cringy for me. Will get on to Season 2 at some point which may affect my score.