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Favorite Series

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 16
I felt that the final episode was a rush ending to this boring pace season...
Loved this show until the main actor passed away and they had to re-cast half of the cast. They shouldn't have continued, ended up ruining it for me.
great show, horrible finale. Only acceptable reason would be to leave the door open to a possible reboot
Amazing first seasons but then they started to ruin it in my opinion. Still a classic
Lost Girl
its a meh show, Kenzi saved it a little bit
Breaking Bad
Great show, its amazing how you start by loving the main character, a man with great morals that only wants to make sure his family has a way to survive without him, and slowly but surely you can see the greed and power hunger take over him... The way that character was handled was out of this world, making the end the only thing it could be really. Amazing show.
The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 15
I was expecting much more from this episode... Are they waiting to pack all the final emotions for the last episode? It better be good, because so far this season has been all talk and no action... disappointed so far. As someone that grew up watching this show, it deserved a better last season... lets hope the final episode saves it!