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  • 33% Drama
  • 11% Action
  • 8% Adventure
  • 7% Fantasy
  • 7% Crime
  • 6% Sci-Fi
  • 27% Others
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“Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.” ― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

Favorite Series

The Big Bang Theory
Science people
Peaky Blinders
Peaky F*cking Blinders
Person of Interest
you are being watch
Top Gear
top gear its not the same without Clarkson, Hammond and May
GoodBye Banshee One of my Fav
Game of Thrones
Hold The Door
Prison Break
cant wait
Banshee Season 4 Episode 8
i dont want to end this series T.T
The Best
True Blood
lots of sex
Game of Thrones
best game ever
Human Target
Love this show
this really a good stories
Peaky Blinders
this is actually good show
Under the Dome
WTF season 4 cancelled
Banshee Season 4 Episode 3
russian language???
Penny Dreadful
slow start but you gonna love it
merlin need another season
u guys need to watch this worth watching highly recommended
Person of Interest
highly recommended
Incredible show- just goes from strength to strength - beautiful woman, gritty violence, gripping storylines. simply epic. going to be sad when the final season finishes