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  • 26% Drama
  • 14% Fantasy
  • 12% Adventure
  • 12% Sci-Fi
  • 10% Horror
  • 5% Thriller
  • 21% Others
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Favorite Series
The 100
I've gotten to know this show through a friend and I fell in love with it until Season 3 where the show went downhill for me. I've now decided to stop watching it at the beginning of Season 4. I somehow lost the connection I felt with the show in Season 1 and 2.
Fear the Walking Dead
Show has become too boring. I've lost interest. A spin-off series would've been so much better in my opinion.
Second Chance (2016)
Wow.. this series and ending.. and I thought I've already had found the best shows out there. I just dont understand why not give this show a second chance.. It conquered a spot in my top 3 the first episode I saw, and I just finished the last episode already. :/
Hell on Wheels
While I still have to watch the 5th season I've got to say that I've enjoyed the rest of this show so much. I decided to watch this with the logic of "If the walking dead is awesome, other amc shows are probably too" and I certainly dont regret that decision in this case! It might be sad that this is the last season, but lets look at it positive, atleast we had 5 seasons!
The Flash
I usually love these kinds of series but I didn't enjoy this one enough to keep watching it. But hey, other people like it, so you should still try it and judge yourself!
I understand why some people have criticism on this series but I enjoyed watching the first episode nonetheless. It's certainly something I'll continue to watch when the other episodes come out.
Game of Thrones
At first I voted 9/10 but while writing this I decided to switch to 10/10. I think some parts of the show are slightly hard to understand, but the amazing scenes and action make up for that loss! I've watched this amazing show twice already and I'll certainly watch it more often. Every season it gets better and better, and I can't wait to see the next one.
Breaking Bad
Typically I dont enjoy these kinds of shows but this was simply wow. I'll never forget this ending and I'll certainly miss watching this show even though I'll most likely keep on watching it every once in a while.
I think that it was a terrible decision to stop the show and choose not to take a risk. I felt as if the show was improving a lot in it's second season and if they scheduled the show to air on another time then it would've been very successful and wouldn't have to compete with The X Factor. So far it's the second show I've given a 10, and it certainly deserved it.
Fear the Walking Dead
Can't say that it's better, or anywhere near to The Walking Dead, but it's amusing and interesting enough to watch and keep on watching.
The Last Man on Earth
I've watched the show from the beginning and I still do but every episode I think by myself "wow, why am I watching this". It's always Phil that has to be bullied or be into trouble. A few episodes could've been funny, but not an entire series. I think that it would've been an amazing show if it were more serious.
The Walking Dead
It's certainly the best show I've ever seen. I wake up early (European) to see every episode asap when it comes out. Just wow!